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Scientists Unlock The Mystery of How We Taste Bitterness ( image
Trillions of Tons of Carbon Left Out of Environmental Models, Scientists Warn ( image
Shocking Study Reveals Many Fast-Tracked Cancer Drugs Offer No Clinical Benefit ( image
Massive Study Links Vaping to a Much Higher Risk of Heart Failure ( image
Psychedelics Could Pose Risks For People With Personality Disorders, Study Finds ( image
The Most Powerful Space Explosion Ever Seen Reveals a Surprise Twist ( image
This Tiny Frog Emits a Powerful Ultrasonic Scream No Human Can Hear ( image
This Freaky Worm Has 'Outstanding Vision', And Scientists Don't Know Why ( image
Mysterious Fossil Fragments Traced to Ancient Leviathans of The Ocean ( image
The Mystery of The Cleanest Air on Earth Can Finally Be Explained ( image
Scientists Reveal Where Most 'Hospital' Infections Actually Come From ( image
Scientists Invented a Bizarre New Material That Gets Tougher When You Hit It ( image
Mysterious Stars at The Heart of The Milky Way Hide a Dark Secret ( image
Thousands of Meteorites in Antarctica Are Destined to Be Lost Forever ( image
Your Vision Can Predict Dementia 12 Years Before Diagnosis, Study Finds ( image
Study Reveals Most Valued Traits in a Romantic Partner, And It's a Nice Surprise ( image
The EPA Just Issued New Drinking Water Limits For 'Forever Chemicals' ( image
NASA Mission Accidentally Sends Space Rocks Hurtling Towards Mars ( image
Your Sex Could Affect How Well You Sleep at Night. Here's Why That Matters. ( image
Blinking Actually Boosts Your Vision, And We Never Even Noticed ( image
Eye Infections Can Be Far More Serious Than You Realize, Expert Warns ( image
NASA Is Set to Launch Its Next-Gen Solar Sail Into Deep Space ( image
Scientists Find Gene Variant Giving Up to 70% Protection Against Alzheimer's ( image
Expired Cans of Salmon From Decades Ago Reveal a Big Surprise ( image
We Just Got a Glimpse of What Will Happen When The Sun Finally Dies ( image
Incredibly Rare Cosmic Object Detected in Gravitational Waves For The First Time ( image
Mysterious Link Between Cats And Schizophrenia Is Real, Study Finds ( image
Enigmatic 'Dragon's Egg' Star Is a Magnetic Monster And We Finally Know Why ( image
Breakthrough Asthma Study Reveals a Trigger We've Never Noticed Before ( image
Physicists Finally Capture Mysterious Wigner Crystal After 90 Years ( image
Just 1 Dose of New Antibiotic Class Eliminates Resistant Blood Infections in Mice ( image
Breakthrough Parkinson's Gene Discovery Sheds Light on Evolutionary Origin ( image
Four Jurassic Fossils Help Explain How We Got Our Ears And Teeth ( image
Organic Material Detected in Eggshell Fossils Could Unlock Dinosaur Secrets ( image
Experimental Treatment For Spinal Cord Injury Shows Improvement in 7 of 10 Patients ( image
Scientists Create Levitating Graphite Plate For Ultra-Sensitive Quantum Sensors ( image
Brain Acidity Linked With Multiple Neurological Disorders ( image
Repetitive Blast Waves in Military Explosives Training Might Trigger Leaky Guts ( image
Obesity Is Complex: How Drugs Like Ozempic Can Reinforce Fat Stigma ( image
'Hottest Ever' March Is 10th Month in a Row to Shatter Heat Records ( image
Black Hole Effects on Quantum Information Discovered in Everyday Chemistry ( image
'God Particle' Nobel Laureate Peter Higgs Passes Away Age 94 ( image
3,000-Year-Old Pottery Reveals Trade Networks in Australia Long Before Colonization ( image
Magnetic Star Awakens After Sleeping For 10 Years And It's Acting Super Weird ( image
Study Confirms Super-Earth Really Is a Bizarre 'Eyeball' Planet ( image
AI Could Explain Why We're Not Meeting Any Aliens, Wild Study Proposes ( image
Eclipse From Space: Stunning NASA Video of The Moon's Shadow Passing Across Earth ( image
Transplanting Feces From One Person to Another Could Ease Parkinson's Symptoms ( image
Global Loneliness Epidemic Hitting Middle-Aged Americans Hardest of All ( image
'Feelings of Wonder': North America Flocks to Witness a Spectacular Cosmic Event ( image
Giant Cosmic Bubbles Have Given a New Precision Measurement of Expanding Space-Time ( image
This Japanese Diet Is Linked to Less Brain Shinkage in Women, Experts Say ( image
The Moon Turned Inside Out Billions of Years Ago, Scientists Reveal ( image
A Giant Explosion in Space Will Happen This Year, And You Can See It ( image
Three Things You Must Not Do This Total Solar Eclipse ( image
'Incredible': The Total Solar Eclipse Is Huge For Scientists. Here's Why. ( image
Radical Vaccine Strategy Could Help Quash Parasite Afflicting Millions ( image
Fasting-Style Diet Seems to Result in Dynamic Changes to Human Brain ( image
Mysterious 'Zombie Neurons' Unlock Secrets of Learning in The Brain ( image
Man Hospitalized With Rare Virus After Monkey Bite in Hong Kong ( image
Injecting Sulfur Into The Atmosphere Could Pose Dangerous Risks ( image
Large Cities And Cancer Share An Unexpected Similarity ( image
Desperate Nations May Unilaterally Begin Hacking The Global Climate ( image
Alzheimer's Is More Common in Women, And This May Help Explain Why ( image
Mysterious Fragments of Glass in Australian Outback Have Cosmic Origins ( image
Ancient Roman Site Found Frozen in Time in The Wreckage of Pompeii ( image
Scientists Accidentally Made a Mouse Grow Legs in Place of Genitals ( image
Lightning Really Does Strike Twice, And This Is Where It Happens Most ( image
Scientists Reveal What a Future 'Mega-Drought' in Australia Would Look Like ( image
This Tiger Was Thought Extinct. Then a Single Strand of Hair Was Found. ( image
Scientists Predict Prostate Cancer Cases to Double Within 20 Years ( image
Microplastics Are Infiltrating Archeological Remains, Scientists Warn ( image
Math Homework Can End Up Doing More Harm Than Good, Study Shows ( image
Unexpected Phenomenon Detected in The Sky of a Very Alien World ( image
"This Is The First Time": Drug Shows Signs of Slowing Parkinson's Disease ( image
A Strange Thing Happens When You And Your Partner Drink Alcohol Over Time ( image
The Earliest Signal of Future Alzheimer's May Have Just Been Revealed ( image
The Polar Vortex Has Shifted Into Reverse – And Is Now Spinning Backwards ( image
Keep Your Eyes Peeled: 'Devil Comet' May Show During Solar Eclipse ( image
First Images of Human Brain From World's Most Powerful MRI Revealed ( image
Scientists Destroy 99% of Cancer Cells in The Lab With Vibrating Molecules ( image
This Prickly New Material Literally Pops Viruses, With Up to 96% Success ( image
ScienceAlert's Official Guide to The 2024 Total Solar Eclipse ( image
Kombucha Could Trigger Similar Benefits to Fasting, Study Finds ( image
Quantum Computing Heats Up: Scientists Achieve Qubit Function Above 1K ( image
There Are Two Spiders in This Picture, And It Could Be a First of Its Kind ( image
3 Body Problem: Does The 'Dark Forest' Theory Solve The Fermi Paradox? ( image
Scientists Identified Four Distinct Sleep Types – And How They Affect Health ( image
One Animal Spreads More Viruses Than Any Other And It's Not What You'd Think ( image
Are Weight-Loss Drugs Like Ozempic For You? Consider These Risks (And Benefits). ( image
Study Reveals Dusty Chaos May Be Key to Formation of Life-Building Space Molecules ( image
Thinking You Look Younger Has A Curious Link to How You Age ( image
Scientists Discover 'Unusual' Third Path to Multicellular Lifeforms ( image
Largest Ever Bird Genome Study Unveils New 'Tree of Life', But One Species Is a Mystery ( image
Damaged DNA Could Warn of Parkinson's Long Before Symptoms ( image
NASA Investigates Mystery 'Space Object' That Fell Into Florida Man's Home ( image
'Ozempic Babies' – Just TikTok Hype or Does It Interfere With Birth Control? ( image
If You Want to Feel Young And Rejuvenated, One Habit Is Key ( image
Wild Birds Seen Using Their Wings to Politely Gesture in a Surprising First ( image
Rare Genetic Variants Are Curiously Connected With Being Left-Handed ( image
Korean Fusion Reactor Sets New Record For Sustaining 100 Million Degree Plasma ( image
Ever Wanted a Brain Transplant? Here Are The Challenges We Face. ( image
Aphantasia Is a Spectrum. Here's What It's Like to Have a Completely 'Blind Mind'. ( image
Your Heart Rate Could Predict Whether You're More Likely to Be a Criminal ( image
Breaking: Officials Report Texan Infected With Bird Flu After Exposure to Cattle ( image
Hand Sanitizers Could Damage Critical Supporting Cells In The Brain ( image
Plants Really Do 'Scream'. We've Simply Never Heard It Until Now. ( image
Venting Doesn't Reduce Anger, But Something Else Does, Study Finds ( image
Large Review Finds CBD Products Don't Relieve Chronic Pain After All ( image
Water Allergy: What We Know About This Rare And Mysterious Condition ( image
The Hidden Cause of Alzheimer's May Have Been Identified a Century Ago ( image
Lab Results Show Your Cannabis May Be Incredible, And Not in a Good Way ( image
The Weirdest Eyes in The Animal Kingdom See a World We Can't Even Imagine ( image
Eating Fatty Food Days Before Surgery May Impair Memory ( image
Astronauts Have an Unexpected Ability That Helps Them 'Fly' Through Space ( image
Autism Can Boost Cognitive Performance, And We May Finally Know Why ( image
Thousands of Eels Found Dead in New Zealand, And It's Not The First Time ( image
Shocking Extent of Cyberbullying Among Kids Revealed in Major Report ( image
Lots of People Die Every Year During or After Sex. An Expert Explains Why. ( image
Staying in School Linked to Living Longer And Slower Aging ( image
World-First Pig Kidney Transplant Was a Huge Breakthrough, But Is It The Future? ( image
Still Hungry After a Big Meal? The Trigger Could Be in The Brain ( image
This 'Science of Happiness' Course Actually Makes People Happier ( image
Something in Your Eyes May Reveal if You're at Risk of Early Death ( image
Birth Rates Are Plummeting in Most Nations, And The World Isn't Prepared ( image
Breakthrough Cancer Vaccine For Dogs Is 'Truly Revolutionary', Scientist Says ( image
The Total Solar Eclipse Could Solve a Strange Mystery About The Sun ( image
Scientists Put Tardigrade Proteins Into Human Cells. Here's What Happened. ( image
Humans Have a 'Sixth Sense', And It's Actually Vital to Our Health ( image
An Expert Unwraps Chocolate's Surprising Health Benefits ( image
New Theory Might Explain Our Sun's Wacky Rotation ( image
Beethoven's DNA Reveals Musical Genius Just Might Lie in Any of Us ( image
Experts Confirm First Bird Flu Outbreak in Cows: Is It Safe to Drink Milk? ( image
Study: Planting Trees in 'Wrong Places' Actually Boosts Global Warming ( image
Shock Discovery: Huge Carbon Credit Project in Australia Turns Out to Be a Sham ( image
Stardust Found in an Ancient Meteorite Was Left by a New Kind of Supernova ( image
Hoarding Junk Proteins Could Increase Our Risk of ALS ( image
Common Plastic Additive Linked to Autism And ADHD, Scientists Find ( image
An Engineering Expert Explains Why The Baltimore Bridge Collapsed ( image
Melting Polar Ice Is Having a Concerning Impact on The Length of Our Year ( image
Magnetic Fingerprints of The Milky Way's Black Hole Revealed in Stunning Image ( image
Sperm Whales Have Been Seen Using Their Ultimate Weapon Against Attacking Orcas ( image
Younger Generations Have Larger Brains. Is That Healthier? ( image
MeerKAT's Swift Scan Revealed 49 New Galaxies in 3 Hours ( image
The Moon Has a Curious Effect on The Sounds Emanating From Coral Reefs ( image
Modern Humans Thrived While Neanderthals Disappeared, But Not Due to Our Brains ( image
Misophonia May Actually Be Far More Common Than We Thought ( image
Baltimore Bridge Collapse: An Expert Explains How Disasters Like This Can Happen ( image
Drinking Coffee Dramatically Lowers The Risk of Bowel Cancer Coming Back ( image
2017's Total Eclipse May Have Caused a Spike in Road Fatalities ( image
Half of All Suspected Chickenpox Cases in The US Could Be Something Else Entirely ( image
Pregnancy Ages a Person's Cells, But Some May Undergo an Unexpected Rejuvenation ( image
3D Positions of Atoms Mapped Precisely Using a Quantum Microscope ( image
Being in Nature Has a Profound Effect on How You Experience Time ( image
Jeff Bezos's Plan to Build a Space Station Just Passed Some Key Tests ( image
Rinsing Your Nasal Passages With The Wrong Kind of Water Could Be Deadly ( image
Poverty May Accelerate Brain Aging, Study Shows ( image
The Secret to Anxiety in Young Women's Brains May Have Been Found ( image
Mysterious Author of 'Dangerous' Shakespeare Family Confession Finally Revealed ( image
Huge Study Confirms Viagra Cuts Alzheimer's Risk by Over 50% ( image
Scientists Ignited a Thermonuclear Explosion Inside a Supercomputer ( image
This New AI Predicts Your Life. Then It Predicts Your Death. ( image
Largest Gold Nugget Ever in UK Found: Treasure-Hunter Reveals His Secret ( image
Scientists Warn The Price of Food Is Expected to Increase Every Year From Now on ( image
Seeing Demons: Man's Rare Brain Condition Transforms Faces Into Monsters ( image
Study: Being Double-Jointed Predicts Greater Risk of Long COVID ( image
Turns Out Nature Didn't 'Heal' While Humans Were in Lockdown ( image
Expert Warns 'Hot Tub Lung' Is a Real Condition – And So Are The Risks ( image
Evolutionary Origins of Hair Identified in The Most Unlikely of Animals ( image
A Mysterious Impact Left 2 Billion Craters On The Surface of Mars ( image
Landmark Study Confirms Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Is 'Unambiguously Biological' ( image
Brain Waves Move in Opposite Directions For Memorizing And Recalling ( image
There Was Once a Different Kind of Dolphin in The Amazon, And It Was a Giant ( image
Astronomers Discover The Most Massive Supercluster Ever Found ( image
One of The Oldest Stars in The Universe Found Right Beside Milky Way ( image
Experts Reveal What Actually Happens When You Have Cataract Surgery ( image
Havana Syndrome Mystery Deepens Further After Brain Scan Analysis ( image
These Ancient Rivers of Stars Have Flowed Since The Milky Way Began ( image
There's Another Amazing Use For Leftover Coffee Grounds, Scientists Say ( image
Time-Restricted Eating May Increase Risk of Early Death, Study Warns ( image
New 'Exercise Pill' Could Induce Fitness Benefits Without Exercise ( image
World's First Neuralink User Plays Chess Via Thought After Brain Implant ( image
Scientists Reveal a Healthier Way to Cook Broccoli – But There's a Catch ( image
Elon Musk Causes Stir With Ketamine Endorsement. Here's The Science. ( image
Millions of Americans Have Cognitive Impairment And Don't Know It ( image
Scientists Say They've Found The Best Place to Spot a UFO in The US ( image
Stunning Tool Lets You Digitally 'Dissect' Museum Animals With X-Ray Vision ( image
Study Links Computer Habits to Erectile Dysfunction Risk ( image
Eggs Use a 'Zipper' to Block Extra Sperm: It May Lead to Non-Hormonal Contraception ( image
First-of-Its-Kind 'Quantum Tornado' Achieves Record-Breaking Black Hole Mimicry ( image
Abel Prize Winner Who Tamed Randomness Turned to Math 'Out of Necessity' ( image
'Forever Chemicals' Could Be Putting Us at Greater Risk of Cardiovascular Disease ( image
US Happiness Ranking Plummets as One Group Struggles Most ( image
Orcas Have Learned Brutal New Hunting Techniques to Feed in The Open Sea ( image
7,000-Year-Old Sunken Boats Reveal How Neolithic Seafarers Traversed The Mediterranean ( image
Supervolcano Eruption Reveals What Could Have Driven Humans Out of Africa ( image
Scientists Find 'Switch' That Stops Immune System Attacking Healthy Cells ( image
Scientists Discover a New Yeast That Might Stop Invasive Fungal Infections ( image
Record Heat Expected Again in 2024 as UN Warns Earth Is 'On The Brink' ( image
Your Blood Could Be Aging Your Brain, Increasing Risk of Dementia ( image
12,000-Year-Old Preserved Human Brains Defy Soft Tissue Decay Assumptions ( image
Bill Gates' TerraPower to Fast Track First Next-Gen Nuclear Plant in US ( image
Cutting Back on One Amino Acid Increases Lifespan of Mice Up to 33% ( image
Antidepressants Could Trigger Some Cases of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ( image
Shape Changes in Brain Cells Could Play a Critical Role in Middle-Age Spread ( image
Diamond Can Be Squeezed Into Something Even Harder. Now We Know How to Do It. ( image
'Light Speed' Electrons Discovered Moving in 4 Dimensions For The First Time ( image
Humans Living in Cities Are Slowly Losing Their Ability to Digest Plants ( image
50% of Us Have an Email Problem. Here Are Some Tips on Dealing With It. ( image
Pacemakers Powered by Light Could Revolutionize Heart Disease Treatment ( image
A Nearby Star Is Expected to Go Nova This Year. Here's How You Can See It. ( image
Worm-Like Amphibians Leak Milk For Their Hatchlings And It's Kind of Cute ( image
Toddler Milk Is a Huge Seller, But Do You Know What's In It? ( image
Scientists Engineer Cow That Makes Human Insulin Proteins in Its Milk ( image
COVID-19 Vaccines Lower Risk of Heart Failure After Virus Infection ( image
Physicist Claims Universe Has No Dark Matter And Is 27 Billion Years Old ( image
Major US Study Confirms a New #1 Cause of Disease Worldwide ( image
Anti-Piracy Warnings Can Actually Trigger More Piracy, Study Shows ( image
Florida Man Discovers Alarming Reason For His Constant Headaches ( image
Study Reveals How Ancient Humans Escaped Climate Extinction 900,000 Years Ago ( image
Betelgeuse's Wild Surface Seems to Be Baffling Our Telescopes ( image
Excessive Sitting Raises Risk of Early Death: Now We Know How Much ( image
Scientists Thought Only Two Animals Lived in The Great Salt Lake. They Were Wrong. ( image
Deaths Linked to a Common Anxiety Drug Have Surged in The UK ( image
Earth's Oldest Fossilized Forest Has Been Hiding Its Bizarre Trees For 390 Million Years ( image
Birds Eat Poop A Lot, And Scientists Are Still Trying to Figure Out Why ( image
Sugar-Free Gum May Have Surprising Health Benefits We Never Knew About ( image
Researchers Solve Mystery of The Sea Creature That Evolved Eyes All Over Its Shell ( image
AI 'Ghosts' Could Be a Serious Threat to Mental Health, Expert Warns ( image
Ancient Volcanic Eruption Near Japan Shook The World With a Record Blast ( image
Mysterious, Rapid Surge in Legionnaires' Disease Linked to Cleaner Air ( image
Scientists Identify Speech Trait That Foreshadows Cognitive Decline ( image
Breakthrough Therapy Obliterates Deadly Brain Tumor in Days ( image
Enormous Volcano on Mars Found Hidden Within Sprawling Labyrinth ( image
Scientists Identify The World's First 'Unconventional' Superconductor Found in Nature ( image
You Should Seriously Think About Eating More Python, Scientists Say ( image
Expert Reveals What Intermittent Fasting Could Be Doing to Your Brain ( image
SpaceX's Giant Starship Rocket Destroyed in Crash After Orbital Breakthrough ( image
Scientists Discovered a 'Fear Switch' in The Brain, And How to Turn It Off ( image
Artist Tattooed Himself to Solve Mystery of Ötzi The Iceman's Tattoos ( image
Polio Survivor Who Lived in Iron Lung For 7 Decades Dies at 78 ( image
Should ADHD Meds Be Stopped For Pregnancy? Here's What The Science Says. ( image
Aging And Schizophrenia Share Striking Similarities in 2 Types of Brain Cells ( image
Spherules Thought to Be From 2014 Meteorite Impact Could Be 790,000 Years Older ( image
Experts Warn Leprosy Isn't Ancient History as Cases Surge in The US ( image
Evolution Has Ground to a Virtual Stop in These Bizarre 'Living Fossil' Fish ( image
Breakthrough AI Can Now Predict Alzheimer's Up to 7 Years in Advance ( image
We Finally Know Why Some Whales Have Menopause ( image
New Evidence Shatters Darwin's Lasting Assumptions About Male Body Size ( image
The Pandemic Dramatically Reshaped Life Expectancy, Now We Know How Much ( image
A Blood Test Could Reveal Your Biological Age And Predict Disease Risk ( image
Rarely Seen Hammerhead Shark Embryo Unravels The Mystery of Their Bizarre Heads ( image
A Simple Sticker Could Allow People With Voice Disorders to Speak Again ( image
Earliest Direct Evidence of Body Piercings Uncovered in Neolithic Graves ( image
ADHD Medication Could Literally Add Years to Some People's Lives ( image
Every 2.4 Million Years, Mars Does Something Unexpected to Our Ocean's Depths ( image
Here's Why Cutting Carbs For Protein Might Not Help You Build Muscle ( image
First-of-Their-Kind Pics Capture The Moment a Seal Spat at a Swooping Eagle ( image
Confusing Jumbles of Rocks in Africa Could Represent Oldest Known Earthquakes ( image
JWST And Hubble Agree on The Universe's Expansion, And It's a Major Problem ( image
Crimes in Space Are Yet to Happen. Here's How We Might Solve Them When They Do. ( image
Broccoli's Anti-Cancer Compound Could Have a Whole Other Health Benefit ( image
Suspected Interstellar Signal May Have Just Been a Noisy Truck ( image
Warmest US Winter on Record: Yet Another Grim Signal of Climate Shift ( image
Parkinson's Drug Reduces Disease Markers in Breakthrough Trial ( image
Scientists Reveal Optimal Number of Daily Steps to Offset Sitting Down ( image
Radical New Discovery Could Double The Speed of Existing Computers ( image
Experimental Weight-Loss Pill Twice as Effective as Ozempic, Trial Shows ( image
Giant Plague Grave Could Be Largest Mass Burial Site Ever Seen in Europe ( image
FDA to Finally Outlaw Soda Ingredient Prohibited Around The World ( image
Spring Flowers Bloom Weeks Earlier Than Just Decades Ago, Study Finds ( image
Bees Reveal a Human-Like Collective Intelligence We Never Knew Existed ( image
A Clinical Psychologist Explains How to Stop Overthinking Things ( image
The 'Largest Creature of All Time' May Have Been a Physical Impossibility ( image
Surprise Discovery Shows Forbidden Particles Can Attract Each Other ( image
Archaeologists Just Uncovered The Oldest Evidence of Humans in Europe ( image
Octopuses Might Have The Oldest Sex Chromosomes in The Animal Kingdom ( image
New Revelations Dash Hopes For Alien Life on Jupiter's Icy Moon ( image
Brain-Imaging Experiment Reveals The Secret Behind Creative Flow ( image
Mysterious Galaxy Was Already Dead When The Universe Was Young ( image
Scientists Reveal How to Replenish Earth's Vital Groundwater ( image
Hidden Waves Wash Fluid Through The Brain While You Sleep ( image
Should You Let Your Dog Lick Your Face? Here's The Science ( image
'Super Predator': One Animal in Africa Instills Even More Fear Than Lions ( image
Many Dementia Cases Could Actually Be a Hidden Form of Liver Disease ( image
Extreme Case of Man Who Had 217 COVID Vaccines Surprises Scientists ( image
This Diet Mimics The Effects of Fasting And Appears to Slow Biological Aging ( image
Scientists Warn 'Dimming The Sun' Is Simply Too Dangerous. Here's Why. ( image
Lavish Tomb Reveals Spine-Chilling Ritual of Ancient Coclé Culture (